Verification Router Service

VRS is an interoperable solution used to manage the acceptance, formatting, and delivery of the verification requests and responses for pharma saleable returns in the US. The built-in look-up directory (LD) enables the proper routing of the verification requests and is synchronized across the VRS ecosystem.

dscsa requirement

Verification Router Service (VRS) addresses a key milestone requirement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Beginning November 27, 2019

No returned serialized product may be resold until the wholesale distributor verifies the product’s unique identifiers of saleable returns, including the SNI for each sealed homogeneous case or package.

Beginning November 27, 2020
Dispensers will have to verify the products unique identifiers as well.

of our vrs solution


easy to



our forward-thinking approach

Compliant with all of the specifications and standards from the HDA Working Group

Highly scalable based on cloud-based architecture

Accessible to all Distributors, Manufacturers and, at a later point, to Dispensers

Empowered by Microsoft cutting edge Cloud and Blockchain Technologies


Full VRS solution with built-in Lookup Directory for routing, and Requestor/Responder components for verification request/response message generation.

Responder client can be connected to our Level 4 solution, Adents Prodigi, or directly to the manufacturer Product Identifier repository.

Advanced data analytics capabilities, enabled by Microsoft Power BI, to generate custom reports

Requestor can be connected to our Level 4 solution or our Mobile app (Adents DispaX) or any WMS via API.

Adents Lookup Directory is based on Blockchain architecture which is compatible with HDA specifications and natively interoperable.

Adents VRS will rely on the NovaTrack platform

A blockchain-as-a-service solution jointly designed by Microsoft and Adents to handle traceability of complex supply chain flows.

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