Our collaboration with Siemens provides drug manufacturers with Siemens’ range of powerful standard equipment PLUS Adents’ premium-performance serialization software and industry expertise.

Current and upcoming serialization requirements for pharmaceutical companies entail major changes to production facilities, information systems, and quality control for the industry's supply chain. Together with Siemens, we have developed a combined hardware + software solution providing pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers with item-level serialization capabilities at a highly competitive cost.

Fewer qualification tests and exceptional performance on high speed packaging lines help maximize line productivity while meeting the pharmaceutical industry’s highest quality standards, such as the GAMP5 guidelines.

The new joint offering combining a fully configurable software suite, a complete range of standard equipment and a global network of Siemens integration partners is the most efficient and future-proof approach to serialization and aggregation in the pharma industry to date.

Pharma companies will have a multitude of complex issues to take into account when choosing a serialization solution: budget control, risk of productivity drops, variety of industrial equipment and tight implementation planning. The combined know-how and business insight of Siemens and Adents will provide drug manufacturers with a reliable and efficient hardware/software solution at competitive cost.

Vincent Masztalerz , Head of Business Unit Process Automation, Siemens France