Session #1: Verification of Saleable Returns in the US

April 4th, 2019 | 10am (EDT) - 4pm (CEST)


Jim Rolley, VP Life Sciences, Adents 

Julien Faury, VP Operations, Adents Americas


Join us for the Adents’ Serialization Open Mic Series enabling you to ask any questions 

related to the verification of saleable returns and Verification Router Services (VRS) 

to a subject matter expert and get straight answers during a live session.

No boring product presentation, no salesy speech…you ask questions, we answer!

Meet the Experts


Jim Rolley

VP Life Sciences, Adents

Jim Rolley, VP, Life Sciences at Adents is an experienced serialization professional with over 9 years of successful strategy development and implementations in the pharmaceutical industry. Jim recently joined Adents from a leading global manufacturer of prescription medicines where he held several serialization leadership roles within Operations and IT. Jim’s most recent role was to lead the global 3rd Party supply chain connectivity program including b2b platform management and onboarding activities with more than 400 trading partners.


Julien Faury

VP Operations, Adents Americas

At Adents, Julien’s main charge is to develop the company both internally and externally by bringing to life Adents core values and innovative solutions.

Prior to joining Adents, Julien helped to grow tech firms with his enthusiasm and people leadership. He became well versed in serialization through his work at Supply Chain Wizard and applies this knowledge and experience to drive change through innovation. Most recently, Julien was a co-lead for the AI business unit for Fujitsu North America.

Some Questions of Your Peers That We Will Address

What will happen if a wholesaler sends a request to a manufacturer which is not equipped with a VRS solution?

I have quality policy returns but I have never heard about saleable returns so far. Am I concerned by the VRS?

Is there any relationship between the VRS and aggregation?

Do the requestor and the responder have to work with the same VRS solution provider to be connected?

What about the VRS performance / response time? Is it quick enough to cope the regulatory requirements ?

Do we have to upload all my master data into the VRS?

Some solution providers recommend to use Blockchain technology, other don’t ? What’s your position?

What are the data hosted in the VRS?

Ask Questions

Submit a question related to the topic of the session either when signing up or live chatting during the Open Mic. We will publish on the page some of the key questions.

Get Answers

The expert will try to answer a maximum of questions during the live session. Questions submitted prior to the sessions will be answered first but we may also pick questions sent live.

Follow up

The Open Mic will be recorded entirely and you will be able to watch a replay quickly after the live session. We will answer your question(s) via email if it's not selected during the live session.

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