The importance of Level 3 Applications

A Level 3 serialization solution that leaves room for these inevitable, near-future must-haves is the keystone to being prepared to meet track and trace challenges for decades to come.

"Future-proofing" drug serialization applications: The importance of strong Level 3 capabilities

The issues surrounding product serialization for pharmaceutical and medical device companies are numerous and complex. The key to creating an optimal implementation strategy is to select a serialization solution that has strong capabilities at all levels of technology. It’s also important to choose a solution that enables multi-phase implementation, and provides business benefits beyond compliance.

Written by Jim Cummings, VP Americas at Adents with decades of experience in all matters of serialization, and David Carpentier, Founding partner & Chief Technology Officer at Adents, this white paper aims at helping you create an optimal implementation strategy and design the ideal serialization solutions, particularly focusing on Level 3 applications.

The White paper looks in detail at

  • The importance of Level 3 Applications
  • Defining Key Functionalities for a Useful Serialization Level 3 Application

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