4 Key Points for a Future-Proof Drug Serialization Solution

Serialization is a complex problem, not only in the pharmaceutical industry. The window to identify and mitigate risks is shrinking as mandated deadlines draw near in the USA (DSCSA) or in Europe (EU FMD).

In this webinar, we focus on highlighting the complexity of serialization while raising the 4 key questions everyone should have in mind when assessing a serialization solution to help you better prepare implementation at your sites. The webinar also provides answers to key questions as well as valuable tips to help you make informed decisions.

Benefits of the webinar

  • Get a thorough regulatory overview
  • Understand the complexity of serialization
  • Analyze the key questions to ask solution providers to better assess different serialization technologies
  • View a short presentation of Adents’ serialization and Track & Trace solution


  • Andreas Andersson, Regional Sales Manager, Adents

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