Managing Effective Serialization Data Exchange in the Pharma Supply Chain


In this webinar, we will show you how to guarantee reliable and seamless management, sharing, and reporting of your serialization data.

Data exchange is indeed one of the biggest challenges related to serialization as you will need to exchange information with supply chain partners, manufacturers and even authorities, where government reporting is required. We’ll have a detailed look at the American (DSCSA) and European (FMD, EMVS) example in terms of serialization reporting to further illistrate this point.

This webinar also provides answers to critical questions as well as valuable tips to help you make informed decisions when it comes to implementing a Level 4 serialization solution.

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Recognize the global landscape and how your business fits in it

Get a specific focus on EU and US specific requirements in terms of serialization data exchange

Understand internal and other parties capabilities for sustainable operations

Define what you want to achieve from implementing a Level 4 serialization system


Pavel Lotkov

Director, Product Manager, Adents