The key features of an innovative Level 4 Serialization System

A Level 4 system, in many ways, is the viewport into a customer’s piece of the supply chain. A Level 4 system provides various functional areas to handle an assortment of business processes, global compliance, inter and intra-organizational connectivity, reporting, identity access management, application programming interfaces, and other enterprise-level functional areas.

Track, Trace and serialization implementation to meet the 2017 DSCSA requirements has reached beyond the four walls of a single site. From manufacturing to dispensation, desperate trading partners and other stakeholders have an immediate need to share information at any level of the pharmaceutical supply chain. The core principles of an enterprise-level or Level 4 serialization system make it uniquely positioned to deliver serialization data sharing capabilities up, down, and across the supply chain.

In this white paper, discover the must-have features of a powerful and reliable Level 4 system.

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