Verification Router Service for Manufacturers and Distributors: An Overview

Now that the serialization deadline has come and gone, the next big industry milestone is the verification of saleable return products in November 2019. While the process will not require the same level of investment and effort as serialization, it is important to be prepared with a workable verification solution in order to minimize the impact on the saleable returns process for wholesalers.

The Verification of the Saleable Returns is one of a series of milestone requirements that will come into play during the next phase of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Beginning in late November 2019, no returned serialized product may be resold until the wholesale distributor verifies that product’s unique identifiers, including the SNI for each sealed homogeneous case or package.

Some 60 million pharmaceutical saleable product returns occur each year in the US market. This year, the establishment of shared standards for sales stream reintegration has become vital for the pharmaceutical industry.

In this context, this whitepaper covers the various aspects of a Verification Router Service for Drug Manufacturers and Wholesalers. In particular: 

  • HDA recommendations
  • How does a VRS work?
  • Who needs a VRS and why?
  • Key points for selecting a VRS

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About the Author

Jim Rolley is an experienced serialization professional with over 9 years of successful strategy development and implementations in the pharmaceutical industry. Jim comes from a leading global manufacturer of prescription medicines where he held several serialization leadership roles within Operations and IT.

Jim’s most recent role was to lead the global 3rd Party supply chain connectivity program including b2b platform management and onboarding activities with more than 400 trading partners.

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