The Ultimate Guide to Manage DSCSA Saleable Returns Requirements

Every year in the US, there are approximately 60 million pharmaceutical saleable product returns, which represents 2 to 3% of the total sales. The DSCSA « saleable returns » requirement, which will be enforced on November 27, 2019, demands that wholesaler distributors perform the product verifications to reintroduce all the returned saleable product back to the market.

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) has facilitated the development of specifications, standards, and use case scenarios needed to build the Verification Routing Service (VRS), which is an ecosystem of wholesale distributors (Requestors), manufacturers (Responders) and a network of solution providers enabling the routing of the Verification Requests (VR).

As part of the HDA’s VRS task force, Adents invites you to explore this guide and understand what is a VRS, how it works and the criteria to select the most efficient VRS.

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