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Adents Hires Pharma Industry Veteran Pavel Lotkov as Director, Product Management

Expert with deep roots in IT and Traceability to bolster product & sales team as interest builds for company’s premier Cloud Serialization solutions.

Adents, a leading provider of premier and versatile serialization and track-and-trace solutions, has hired former Level 4-5 serialization system implementation lead at Eli Lilly, Pavel Lotkov for the position of Director of Product Management.

In his role, Mr. Lotkov will leverage his experience in implementing Level 4 serialization solutions to enrich Adents Prodigi Cloud Solution, taking advantage of its unique cloud architecture based on Microsoft Azure. Reporting to Adents’ CEO, Christophe Devins, Mr. Lotkov will also exchange knowledge and insights with potential customers providing necessary information to make informed decisions.

To Adents, Mr. Lotkov brings more than 16 years of Information Technology experience, as well as a deep understanding of business operations in large pharmaceutical companies. Most recently, he led serialization adoption and implementation efforts for Level 4 systems at Eli Lilly, a role that provided him with firsthand knowledge of the various factors, players and decisions involved in incorporating and sustaining serialization solutions for Big Pharma companies.

Specifically, at Eli Lilly, Mr. Lotkov focused on regulatory requirements and business process analysis, risk impact assessment, system validation and solution provider management. He was instrumental in providing tactical and strategic support for the functional areas impacted by the company’s serialization initiatives.

Adents is leading the push toward enterprise level (Level 4-5) solutions that utilize infrastructure connectivity and cloud architecture to empower serialization data for beyond-compliance benefits, such as production improvements and business intelligence. Adents Prodigi is the only Level 4-5 traceability solution that can centrally manage regulatory requirements mandated in the pharmaceutical industry as well as allow the participants of the pharmaceutical supply chain to take advantage of the massive amounts of data generated during serialization, distribution and dispensation process.

“Pavel’s experience managing various aspects of the serialization process for a major pharmaceutical company makes him a highly valuable addition to our team,” said Christophe Devins, CEO of Adents. “For Big Pharma companies, serialization efforts represent major, mandatory initiatives requiring a significant investment of time and resources. Pavel’s comprehensive knowledge of the processes’ myriad intricacies means he knows how to help our customers make the best decisions for their specific business needs.”

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