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Global Technology Powerhouse Siemens and Software Specialist ADENTS Develop Joint Solution for Drug Serialisation Challenges

A new joint offering comprises Siemens’ range of powerful and reliable standard equipment with Adents’ Pharma Suite software.

The serialization of pharmaceutical products: a major challenge for the industry in the coming years The pharmaceutical industry is faced with new regulations laying down the requirements for the traceability of pharmaceutical products, to help prevent drug counterfeiting throughout the world. Over the next few years, over 70% of prescription drugs on sale worldwide will have to be identifiable at the unit level, with the steady introduction of serialization and aggregation in around 40 countries, including the USA and the countries of the European Union.

Compliance with these new regulations entails major changes to production facilities, information systems, quality control and the structure of the industry’s logistics chain. This transformation will be a major manufacturing challenge in the years to come for the pharmaceutical industry. The problems are many and complex – keeping the capex budget under control, the risk of lower productivity, disparate manufacturing facilities and scheduling roll out. Drug manufacturers will therefore have to be very careful when it comes to choosing their serialization solution.

The Siemens-Adents offering: A serialization solution dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry

“The combined expertise of Siemens and Adents will provide drug manufacturers with the best item-level track and trace solution, for a competitive capex spend”, says Vincent Masztalerz, head of the business unit Process Automation in France.

The solution is based on:

  • A range of powerful and reliable standard Siemens products, such as industrial PCs, software controllers, I/Os and camera barcode readers. These meet the most demanding standards on the market with tried and tested reliability, ruggedness, and ease of maintenance.
  • A software application that handles the rules of item-level traceability from a single server per production site (level 3), with the result that packaging line parameters can be set quickly, keeping human intervention on the line down to a minimum.
  • A solution that can easily be incorporated into existing facilities and that has the capacity to handle regulatory changes thanks to its unique server. This means that the unit-level track and trace rules can be modified continuously for a wide variety of production types.
  • Fewer compliance tests and exceptional performance on high speed packaging lines contribute to maximizing line productivity.
  • A solution and a roll out compliant with pharmaceutical industry quality standards, particularly with the GAMP5 recommendations.

The Siemens Solution Partner program – a global network of experts

The backing of a worldwide partner network, known as the Siemens Solution Partner program, for quick and easy uptake of this solution. Support and service provided worldwide by Siemens « The collaboration between Siemens and Adents sets up a new deal in the Trackand-Trace global market. Combining a fully configurable software suite, a complete range of standard equipment and an extensive network of global integration partners represents the most efficient and future-proof approach to serialization and aggregation in the pharma industry” adds Christophe Devins, CEO and Founding Partner of Adents, “it will enable pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers to easily and quickly address the current regulatory requirements and remain in compliance long term.”

The combined expertise of Siemens and Adents will provide drug manufacturers with the best item-level track and trace solution, for a competitive capex spend!

Silvain Vernet


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