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Pharmaceutical serialization: Ekium to Offer Adents Software Solution

Ekium has obtained the Adents ‘Solution Partners’ certification to market and deploy Adents’ turnkey serialization solution

Ekium, a major player in engineering and integration, has received the Solution Partners certification from Adents, a developer of identification and traceability software. Throughout France, Ekium will market and integrate turnkey offerings consisting of Adents’ serialization software solutions in conjunction with Ekium’s network of qualified machine partners.

To strengthen the security of distribution networks and combat the spread of counterfeit medicines, approximately 40 countries around the world have established regulations requiring the identification of each medicine box with a unique serial number.

By 2020, more than 90% of the medicines prescribed worldwide will need to be serialized. This presents challenges for pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturers to comply with various track and trace deadlines. For the European market, per EU Directive 2016/161, serialization will be mandatory beginning 9 February 2019.

European regulations, which also impose an anti-tampering element, have added to the characteristics inherent in each country, affecting major changes in production line operating procedures. Industry players, anxious to maintain current productivity levels , are increasingly seeking out technical experts to assist them with meeting compliance without negatively impacting productivity.

From an early stage, Ekium understood that serialization was not simply a “machine” problem, but that it was also necessary to handle the complex management of serial numbers via flexible software capable of evolving in a rolling, progressively stringent regulatory environment. This is why Ekium was among the first integrators to join the Adents Solution Partners certification program, which allows integrators to increase their level of skills in the marketing and deployment of Adents software solutions.

According to Laurent Perrin, CEO of Ekium:

The implementation of serialization within the required timeframe requires a quick and easy-to-install solution. We were impressed with the Adents software solution owing to its configuration speed at site level and ability to easily adapt to new regulations. The positive feedback from our clients regarding the projects in progress confirmed that we had made the right choice.

Cyril Chantrier, Adents Solution Partners Director, added:

We are very happy to have Ekium, a member of the Siemens integrators network, as one of our leading certified partners. Ekium has extensive experience in engineering in the pharmaceutical industry as a result of projects carried out for Galderma, BioMérieux, Ipsen, Sanofi, Virbac and Valdepharm. Moreover, its national reach allows it to be reactive in the management, realization and maintenance of multi-site serialization projects.


A propos de Ekium :

Ekium est une société d’ingénierie et d’intégration en informatique industrielle et en automation, reconnue comme acteur précurseur de la « smart industrie ». Ekium est un groupe
de 750 personnes, pour un chiffre d’affaire de 70 M €. Il est représenté par 16 implantations en France et mène plus de 150 projets à l’International.

Nous avons trois activités principales :
– L’Ingénierie globale « Tout corps d’état » en Industrielle et Tertiaire: Process, Installation générale, Tuyauterie, Structure, Electricité, Instrumentation, …
– L’intégration Automation : Automatisme, Sérialisation, M.E.S / M.O.M, IoT, Machine Spéciale, Robotique de laboratoire, …
– La Maintenance : Ingénierie de Maintenance, MCO, TMA, Infogérance Industrielle, Gestion des Astreintes, …

Notre vocation est d’accompagner les industriels sur le cycle de vie de leur projet et sur toutes les activités et d’aborder avec eux les enjeux majeurs qui se présentent à nous.


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