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Adents raises €12m in one of the French software industry’s most important rounds of funding for 2016

Adents has finalized a round of funding of 12 million euros, bringing to 20 million euros the total amount invested in the company over the last 18 months.

Paris (France) Adents, the serialization and traceability software specialist, recently finalized a round of funding of 12 million euros, bringing to 20 million euros the total amount invested in the company over the last 18 months. This increase in capital was signed by Adents’ long time investors NAXICAP Partners, Omnes Capital and CapHorn Invest. The new funding will primarily support the further development of a global network of « solution partners » and gaining footholds in new international markets.

Over the last few years, Adents has emerged as one of the leading providers of versatile and easily deployable serialization and track-and-trace software solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Serialization is a means of ascribing small groups or even single packages individual identification codes. These codes allow drug manufacturers to track and trace their products throughout the supply chain, which accomplishes a variety of valuable tasks from combating illegal drug counterfeiting to better ensuring drug efficacy and patient safety.

Serialization is mandated to be implemented on thousands of packaging lines in the United States before the end of 2017 per the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DRCSA), and by the beginning of 2019 in the European Union via the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD). Both represent strategic milestones in the serialization market. Simultaneously, Adents has experienced significant growth since the announcement of a strategic collaboration with SIEMENS earlier this year.

Although the new round of funding aroused a great deal of interest among prominent international investors, Adents’ executives chose NAXICAP, Omnes Capital and CapHorn Invest, all of whom have supported the growth of the company for many years and confirmed their confidence in Adents’ growth strategy.

Christophe Devins, CEO and Founding Partner of Adents explains

This new round of funding addresses two strategic objectives for the company in the short term.  First, we believe it will strengthen our partnership program, with a strong focus on the development of a powerful « solutions partners » network in the U.S. Second, it will support the penetration into promising new international markets, such as the Middle East and Asia.

Adents Pharma Suite Serialization Software provides the first and only truly standardized and fully configurable serialization software on the market.

Combined with a global network of technological and services partners, the software solution helps secure implementation lead times up to 5 times faster than other solutions, and enables drug manufacturers to address all current and emerging regulatory requirements pertaining to drug serialization.

To date, more than 2 billion unique codes have already been generated and managed globally using Adents software.

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