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Adents to Present on Tokenizing Traceability Data at Malta Blockchain Summit

Leading Serialization Solutions Provider to Communicate on “How to Secure and Improve Supply Chain Processes by Tokenizing Traceability Data.”

Adents will deliver a pitch on the benefits of tokenizing traceability data during the Malta Blockchain Summit, November 1-2 at the InterContinental Hotel.

Titled How to Secure and Improve Supply Chain Processes by Tokenizing Traceability Data, the discussion will be delivered by Adents General Manager, Stephane Fay. In addition, throughout the summit at Adents Booth #356, Mr. Fay will demonstrate and discuss recent advancements in blockchain technology, including the new Adents NovaTrack solution.

In partnership with Microsoft, Adents NovaTrack provides a blockchain-based platform allowing solution providers to develop and integrate reliable, end-to-end traceability solutions that meet the evolving challenges of modern supply chains. The solution offers immutable referencing of traceability data, providing solid foundation for an ecosystem where supply chain stakeholders – such as brand owners, manufacturers, logisticians, distributors – and end-users can exchange reliable traceability data using NovaTrack’s token, dubbed Trackens.

The Malta Blockchain Summit will gather over 5,000 delegates, 100 distinguished speakers, and hundreds of investors. Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will open the conference, with other speakers including such blockchain authorities as W. Scott Stornetta, blockchain’s co-inventor, and John McAfee, a crypto visionary.

The Malta Blockchain Summit will feature four conferences, each devoted to differing industry disciplines such as regulation and investment, marketing and affiliation, fintech, tokenomics, cryptocurrencies and blockchain for developers. Blockchain will by no means be the only topic addressed, as other prominent issues including AI, Big Data, Quantum Technology, and IoT line the event’s agenda.

Adents has actively invested in research and development in its Adents NovaTrack solution, which debuted at VivaTech 2018 and offers unit-level product track & trace platform utilizing Blockchain and AI technologies. Acknowledging that cryptocurrencies will be increasingly prevalent, the company also recently started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

Adents TRACKENs will be issued by way of a two-year token sale, with the aim of providing the Adents NovaTrack platform for free during this period to fuel testing and implementations, as well as the development of innovative solutions relying on traceability data.

“We are looking forward to participating in the Malta Blockchain Summit to demonstrate how Adents will unlock the potential of traceability data generated with Adents NovaTrack platforms, through the cost-effective development of use cases and rapid adoption by industry players and, ultimately, consumers.” says Stéphane Fay, General Manager for Adents.

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