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Adents Launches Verification Router Service for Pharma Manufacturers and Distributors Powered by New Blockchain Technology Platform

VRS Solution employs Adents NovaTrack’s Blockchain benefits to address pending DSCSA requirements for saleable pharmaceutical returns.

Adents has addressed a looming compliance issue through its recently introduced, Blockchain-based Adents NovaTrack product. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, the groundbreaking supply chain solution has led to the introduction of a seamless Adents Verification Router Service Solution.

Verification Router Service (VRS) is going to address the key milestone requirement that will come into play during the next phase of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Beginning on November 27, 2019, no returned serialized product may be resold until the wholesale distributor verifies that product’s unique identifiers, including the SNI for each sealed homogeneous case or package.

Approximately 60 million pharmaceutical saleable returns are processed by wholesale distributors within the US market. This number is the amount of product verifications that will need to be completed by the distributors.

This year, the establishment of standards and specifications became crucial for the pharmaceutical supply chain in order to build out a highly interoperable Verification Router Service (VRS) ecosystem.

VRS is an interoperable solution used to manage the acceptance, formatting and delivery of the verification requests and responses. The built in look-up directory (LD) enables the proper routing of the verification requests and is synchronized across the VRS ecosystem.

VRS allows wholesalers to verify products by either scanning or manually inputting the proper data elements, consisting of the four Product Identifiers (PI) GTIN, Serial Number, Lot, and Expiry into a verification request. The request will then be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer’s repository according to the information stored within the LD. A response will be generated from the manufacturer’s repository and routed back to the requestor.

Verification Router Service is the ecosystem of many manufacturers, wholesale distributors and service providers. This requires the VRS solution to be secure and reliable, nimble in order to accommodate new ecosystem participants, flexible to allow for expansion of the industry requirements, and be subject to the industry-driven governance.

Adents actively participates in the HDA VRS work group that led the development of VRS business requirements, standards,  and specifications.

Highlights of Adents VRS Solution include:

  • Adents VRS solution can be connected to Adents Prodigi or directly to the manufacturer’s PI repository
  • Wholesale distributors can generate Verification Requests via Mobile app or via API call from any Warehouse Management System
  • Adents Lookup Directory is based on blockchain architecture and built on NovaTrack platform.
  • Adents solution is fully compliant with HDA VRS specifications and interoperable with other VRS solutions
  • Adents VRS Solution also takes into account accessibility, scalability and future business needs, as the challenges it addresses are highly relevant to the establishment of a US interoperable Unit Level Traceability System by 2023

“Adents’ VRS solution will be accessible to all distributors, manufacturers and dispensers whatever their size or existing serialization system”, said Christophe Devins, founder and CEO of Adents.

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