ADENTS High Tech International is committed to protecting privacy and providing a safe experience.

In the context of the management of personal data, ADENTS’ Customer is responsible for informing its users that personal data are processed by ADENTS PRODIGI (the “Solution”) and for taking all necessary actions to ensure compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 applicable from 25 May 2018.





The Solution should be used in an environment that respects the prerequisites, including the format of the data. Customer and users agree to follow these instructions and recommendations as well as all updates provided.


The set of skills, means and techniques (hardware, software, including serialization and management or logistics software), as well as fees for telecommunication which allows access and use of the Solution are the exclusive and sole responsibility of the customer. The Solution is a tool for managing data especially related to the serialization of the products.


ADENTS shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of the Solution if the customer is not in compliance with stated requirements, for the use of the software or if hardware used by the customer or a technical problem of the Customer’s on its information system is found to be the cause.




The Customer’s users undertake to collaborate in good faith with ADENTS and communicate any useful information, including as a result of Adents provided Services.



Access and use of the Solution

The Solution is accessible by users with ID’s and Passwords.  Customer will determine the permissions granted to users for access to the data and their resulting latitude, based on their profile.


Customer and users acknowledge that identifiers are strictly personal and confidential. They refrain, accordingly, to communicate or share them with third parties. Customer and users are solely responsible for the use of this information by third parties, whether fraudulent or not. The Customer guarantees protection to ADENTS against any claim or action based on fraudulent use, or not, of these identifiers. In case of suspicion of fraudulent use of his/her credentials, the Customer or the user must immediately inform ADENTS.


The customer is solely responsible for the access to the Solution and it must take all steps to maintain such access. ADENTS is relieved of any liability in the event of impossibility of access to the Solution because of an event outside its control as indicated in article 8.




ADENTS agrees to host the Solution and the data under the conditions detailed in the Service Level Agreement.


The data will be used to provide to the customer an access to the Solution, for a purpose consistent with the provision of the services under this agreement.


ADENTS will not disclose the data to the Government, unless it is required to do so by law. In the event where the public authorities would contact ADENTS to obtain data, ADENTS will invite them to address their request directly to the customer. If ADENTS is required by law to disclose data to the police, she is committed to quickly notify the customer and provide a copy of the request, unless prohibited by law.


Upon receipt of a request for data from a third party, ADENTS will quickly inform the customer, unless prohibited by law. ADENTS will reject the request, unless it is required to do so by law. If the request is valid, ADENTS will try to redirect one third that he ask the data directly to the Customer. ADENTS cannot provide to a third party: (a) direct, indirect, general, or free access to the data; (b) the encryption keys used to secure the data or the ability to force this encryption; or (c) access any data if ADENTS knows that these data will be used for other purposes than those stated in the request of the third party. In the light of the foregoing, ADENTS will provide to the third party details of the customer base.


For the duration of the contract, the customer has the right to access and export hosted data.



Regulatory compliance

The Customer and users undertake to comply with applicable regulations, and not to use the Solution:

  • in violation of a law, a regulation or a decision or decree of the Government;
  • in violation of the rights of others;
  • to attempt to access unauthorized services, data, accounts, or networks or disrupt access;
  • to send unwanted emails or distribute malicious programs;
  • in a way that may interfere with the Solution or disrupt the use by another user. or
  • in any application or situation in which the Solution’s malfunction could cause the death of any person, or severe personal injury, material or environmental damage.




Customer and users acknowledge and accept that they are responsible for the data and content created, stored or distributed as part of the use of the Solution, which excluded the liability of ADENTS.


Customer and users undertake not to use as part of the Solution of data that the Customer is the owner or is authorized to hold, according to the formats and terms indicated, free from all viruses and which do not infringe the rights of third parties.


The Customer is responsible for the determination, by referral, of all users who are authorized to access the data and the level of this access.


The Customer declares that the data contain no personal data as defined by the regulations applicable (hereinafter “personal data”). In the event where the Customer was brought in to host personal data through the use of the Solution, it must first inform ADENTS in order to determine the conditions of accommodation of these personal data.


Otherwise, ADENTS cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever regarding the accommodation of personal data which would have no knowledge. In General, the Customer will ensure not to use within the Solution, data that would require only ADENTS complies with laws or specific regulations other than those expressly stated in this contract.




Any violation of the terms of this article may result in the suspension of access to the Solution, suspension which the Customer will be informed beforehand, unless ADENTS believe that an immediate suspension is required.


Since ADENTS is not operating, nor has control of data or the use of the Solution, they cannot be liable, and the Customer guarantees ADENTS shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the violation of this section.