The demand for unique product identification and Track & Trace solutions today is fueled by a global increase in regulations. This development is a major challenge for companies in terms of Big Data and the management of new flows of information. Our alliance with the leader of Business Intelligence platforms* is a game changer for Unique Product Identification (UPID) on a global level.

Adents and Microsoft have joined forces to develop and commercialize a Cloud platform named Adents Prodigi. Adents Prodigi is the only level 4 traceability solution that can centrally manage regulatory requirements imposed on the pharmaceutical industry and give laboratories and CMOs the ability to take advantage of the mass of information generated during the serialization and Track & Trace process.

The platform is carried forward jointly by a mixed team of Adents and Microsoft experts and can host business applications offered by third parties to fully exploit the data stored on the platform.

We are delighted that Adents has chosen Microsoft AZURE to develop the new solution that will manage the immense mass of data generated during a product's life cycle. Microsoft's Cloud platform will ensure the secure international deployment of Adents' solution to accelerate the fight against industrial counterfeiting.

Bernard Ourghanlian , CTO & CSO at Microsoft France