internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly being used as a tool for supply chain visibility, particularly in the area of logistics.

more precisely

The combination of traditional IT capabilities with sensor data transmitted over dedicated networks, provides a near real-time view of orders, their location and status from origin to destination.

As part of the supply chain, these automatic recognition and identification technologies can record the exact contents of each carton, from each carton, case, pallet, container or truck.

They can also record serial numbers and the positioning in either the container or truck.

To this are added, via other sensors, information on ambient conditions: temperature, hydrometry, shock monitoring, etc. And of course the location.


greater transparency

Real-Time Information

Improved Traceability

enhanced security

better cost efficiency

adents iot platform

Adents NovaTrack is an open platform which provides advanced solutions to integrate track and trace data originating from devices dedicated to monitor the supply chain. Temperature, hydrometry, shock, location – all this information is stored in the blockchain and can be accessed in real time.

Because it is a cloud based solution, NovaTrack eases the integration and the operation of any connected devices.


Use your preferred language and existing developer SDKs to create powerful IoT applications quickly, extract and share information, and produce results.

As Novatrack is dealing with an influx
between IOT devices and the blockchain, the solution provides
high value features to optimize data management

Reduced downtime between data generation and decision making

Security extended to different risk profiles and deployment scenarios

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied in complex event processing (CEP), automatic learning, image recognition and other higher value applications, without writing code internally

High-performance real-time analysis of data from IoT applications and devices

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