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Rechon Life Science AB of Sweden Partners with Adents for Scalable Serialization and Aggregation Solution

Rechon Life Science AB has partnered with Adents to offer its customers a scalable track & trace solution that complements its pharmaceuticals production and packaging services.

Paris, France & East Windsor, NJ – Rechon Life Science AB, a Sweden-based pharmaceuticals developer and contract manufacturer, has partnered with Adents, a leading provider of versatile serialization and aggregation software products, to offer its customers a scalable track & trace solution that complements its pharmaceuticals production and packaging services.  For Adents, the deal represents further geographical expansion of its widening global customer base, including its first foray into Scandinavia.

In choosing Adents, Rechon addresses compliance with several looming serialization mandates, including the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive and the USA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act.  Eventually, all track & trace applications will be interfaced with Rechon’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

To meet its evolving needs, Rechon required a software solution that was flexible enough to change line configurations per client needs, able to generate and securely import/export unique serial numbers, and offered a workable pricing model.  Just as importantly, Rechon sought to use its existing infrastructure to incorporate this serialization solution.  Rechon has close ties with ACT-Logimark, a Sweden-based printing equipment provider and systems integration specialist.

The Adents serialization and aggregation suite of software enables companies to achieve traceability and documentation compliance easily, addressing both current and emerging regulations while also minimizing impact on production processes and productivity.  An ideal “standardized software” approach, Adents unit identification and traceability software is extremely flexible, scalable, and quick to deploy as it does not require add-on hardware.  It also helps enrich marketing and eliminate counterfeiting.

 Rechon offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical services, including the preparation, filling, packaging and distribution of commercial products as well as Clinical Trial Supplies.  The company’s cGMP contract pharmaceutical development services include process and analytical development; manufacturing, supplies and services for clinical trials; stability studies; storage and distribution and Qualified Person (QP) release services.

Maria Wingren, Manager Projects & Validation, said:

As a company that manufactures and packages pharmaceutical products for leading pharmaceutical companies around the world Rechon requires regulatory solutions that address a wide array of both customer and internal needs. In Adents Pharma Suite software, we believe we’ve found a easy to use, standardized solution that meets the complexities of current and future track & trace mandates – a flexible, scalable approach that works within our existing hardware and various, client-specific line configurations.

Our partnership with Rechon is far more than a typical vendor-customer relationship.  It establishes an ecosystem of system integrators capable of implementing serialization solutions expediently and on a grand scale.  This deal also brings together a consortium of experts capable of addressing track & trace issues from a holistic view – the effective marriage of software, hardware and line integration.”

added Christophe Devins, CEO and Founding Partner of Adents.



Rechon Life Science AB garantiert Compliance mit DSCSA und EU FMD durch Adents Serialisierungslösung und befasst sich mit neuen und zukünftigen Regulierungen
Der schwedische Vertragshersteller und -entwickler wählte Adents Seriza aus um Serialisierungsdaten einfach mit seinen Lieferanten und Kunden auszutauschen und damit neue Marktanteile zu gewinnen.
Adents führt neue App DispaX für die Verwaltung serialisierter Produkte innerhalb der Lieferkette ein
Adents DispaX ist eine sichere, anwenderfreundliche und multitaskingfähige Softwarelösung, über die sich Seriennummern den jeweiligen Vorschriften vor Ort entsprechend überall auf der Welt in den verschiedenen Abschnitten der Lieferkette durch eine Reihe von Anwendern identifizieren lassen.
Adents kündigt hochkarätigen Expertenkreis für die Premiere des Serialization Innovation Summit vom 5. – 6. April in Paris an
Adents hat einen hochkarätigen Kreis an Fachreferenten für den ersten Serialization Innovation Summit bekannt gegeben. Zu den Experten zählen unter anderem Vertreter der namhaften IT- und Technologieführer Microsoft und Siemens sowie Fachleute staatlicher Aufsichtsbehörden und Berufsverbände wie der „Healthcare Distribution Alliance“ und „Medicines for Europe“. Die erste Auflage dieser neuen Veranstaltungsreihe findet vom 5. bis 6. April im Park Hyatt Paris- Vendôme Hotel statt.