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Our talented teams at Adents are developing the smartest product identification and traceability software platform that can revolutionize the connection between brands and their consumers and generate insightful data on a product item’s lifecycle. Since 2007, we have been tracking more than 2,000,000,000 products worldwide.

Help protect millions of patients from counterfeit and fake medicines

Did you know that there are 700.000 deaths annually due to counterfeit malaria and tuberculosis drugs alone? And that in certain regions up to 30% of medicines on the market are counterfeits? In recent years, many countries around the world have developed laws and regulations to fight against this global pandemic.

At Adents, we provide software solutions that help healthcare professionals and authorities to identify and localize counterfeit and fake medicines to keep patients and consumers safe while ensuring global compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical companies and medicine makers.







They are our “builders” holding the best-kept secrets of Adents powerful technology. The R & D team is continuously improving the reliability, ease-of-use and performance of Adents software. They consolidate current applications and develop the applications of tomorrow to meet the evolving needs of our markets.


Evangelizing the market to new technologies, understanding the specificities of different industries, establishing strong relationships with key accounts, finding solutions adapted to the needs of each customer and strengthening the collaboration with existing customers, Adents sales team work daily with multiple stakeholders (clients, partners, Adents teams) on complex deals in a solution-selling approach to accelerate the growth of the company.


The Professional Services team guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. Whether supporting new projects or looking after Adents installed base, the team members have the technical expertise to ensure the smooth implementation of the solution and are expected to take quick and adapted actions to possible incidents to ensure business continuity.


Andreas Andersson
What is your job at Adents ? What are your daily activities ?

I work with sales in the Nordics, Benelux and Switzerland. My job at Adents is to make sure that we understand each prospects and client’s specific needs and act as a trusted advisor.
The daily activities at Adents involves a lot of communication with multiple stakeholders such as international prospects and current clients, partners and other colleagues. Communication is typically done over the phone, mail, face to face meetings or during conferences.

What is it that convinced you to join Adents ?

I have frequently worked in fast-moving tech companies, where you typically would find components such as market disruption, a cutting edge technology, a “start-up” atmosphere and a high level of ambition!
The attractive thing about Adents is that one can find all those components. It was quite obvious even during the early discussions I had with the team before I join the company. Besides, I was quite impressed by the founding partners’ strong track record of creating viable identification and traceability solutions during the past 25 years.

What are the main benefits of working at Adents ?

It’s really exciting and rewarding to sell solutions that serves clients with a critically important solution – they simply need it in order to do business but that also helps them to fight counterfeiting globally.

Adent’s potential is huge. Providing a technology that enables brands and industries to gain both intelligence and efficiency by giving them the opportunity to Track, Trace every product units during its entire life cycle, exploiting a huge amount of new product related data and leveraging innovative applications.

Anissa Feukam
What is your job at Adents ? What are your daily activities ?

I’ve been working for the last 5 years with Adents’ R & D team. I’m responsible for the development of new web applications that facilitate process management such as unique codes generation, production reports or license management. I do programming in C#, and web services
Within the R & D team, we usually work in project management mode based on identified clients needs. Each project typically lasts between 1 and 2 years and is supported by a team leader which brings some overview. The good thing is that it gives us the opportunity to individually manage an entire project from A to Z. Currently, I’m working on my 3rd project since I joined the company.

What is it that convinced you to join Adents ?

Curiosity! When I joined Adents after a master degree in Maths and Informatics from the University of Paris, we were a small team of 10 people to tackle a promising market such as product unit identification and traceability technology. That was sounding to me really exciting. I was also attracted by the young and casual atmosphere. Plus, as a junior, I deemed it wise to start my career in this type of organisation where one can usually learn more and progress quickly compared to bigger, more structured companies.

What are the main benefits of working at Adents ?

Although the company has been growing fast since I’ve joined, I like the fact that the team still keeps a decent size. We’re still basically able to keep in mind everyone’s name or face! Within the R & D team, I also enjoy the team spirit. No one is never left without support. We’re lucky enough to work like in a cocoon, in a casual and stress-free atmosphere.
The management also gives us enough autonomy so that we can get ourselves organized to keep a comfortable work-life balance.
In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to get trained to develop new skills and stay up-to-date with new technologies. It’s critical in my role!
Eventually, Adents’ mission and the vision of our top management is a great source of motivation every day. I do think that we have a truly promising and powerful technology in our hands. It can make a real impact and change things!

Kevin Gostymen
What is your job at Adents ? What are your daily activities ?

As a technical expert, I’m in charge of deploying, configuring and testing the Adents software.
But I’m also a trusted advisor for our clients, providing the training and support they need to get the most out of their solution and meet their objectives. I have daily contacts with the users of the solution to answer their questions and help them find solutions to adverse events. I also spent a great deal of time on-site at our customer production sites in France mainly.

What is it that convinced you to join Adents ?

When I graduated, I wanted to work for a fast-paced tech company and take part of an entrepreneurial adventure to tackle new challenges. That’s exactly what I can find every day at Adents. I have to deal with a a wide variety of tasks and situations which require that I adapt quickly.

What are the main benefits of working at Adents ?

Since I’ve joined the team (already!) 4 years ago, the company passed major milestones. What I like the most is that there is always something new to learn or discover. As I was saying earlier, there is always a new challenge to take up. I’ve also found a very pleasant atmosphere at work and open-minded people.
The plus for those like me who can’t resist a good croissant, breakfast is offered in Massy every Tuesday… ;)


Solution ExpertFull TimeUSAEast Windsor (NJ)
Software Support SpecialistFull TimeUSAEast Windsor (NJ)
Implementation EngineerFull TimeUSAEast Windsor (NJ)
Channel ManagerFull TimeUSAEast Windsor (NJ)
Content ManagerFull TimeUSAEast Windsor (NJ)
IT ConsultantFull TimeEuropeGreater Paris Developers (m/f)Full TimeFranceGreater Paris
Project Leader M/FFull TimeFranceGreater Paris
Technical Expert M/FFull TimeFranceGreater Paris
Solutions Expert Europe (m/f)Full TimeFranceGreater Paris
Account Manager US East Coast (m/f)Full TimeUSAEast Coast
Inside Sales Rep. (m/f)Full TimeUSAEast Windsor (NJ)
Regional Sales Manager Europe (m/f)Full TimeEuropeEurope

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