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Supply chain analytics is the application of mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling and machine-learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in order, shipment, transactional and sensor data.

more precisely

An important goal of supply chain analytics is to improve forecasting and efficiency and be more responsive to client needs. 

Achieving true end-to-end supply chain analytics, Adents NovaTrack starts with the procurement of raw materials and extends through production, distribution and aftermarket services, due to effective integration between the many SCM and supply chain execution platforms that make up a typical company’s supply chain.

The goal of such integration is supply chain visibility: the ability to view and analyze data on goods at every step in the supply chain. 


improveD decision making

OptimizeD supply procedures

AnticipateD dysfunction

enhanceD data operations

full VISIBILITY oF the supply chain

our blockchain platform

To make the most of the data stored in the blockchain, it is necessary to use analytical solutions that offer capabilities which extend beyond those offered by conventional data processing applications. Adents NovaTrack offers an analytics solution based on powerful AI to process, analyze and visualize data, regardless of the type, volume or throughput. This allows new opportunities to be unveiled and decisions to be made quickly.

With NovaTrack and its blockchain-based data model, users can combine data from multiple sources into a single approved BI semantic model that is easy to understand and use.


NovaTrack allows all blockchain users to access self-service data discovery by simplifying the display of data and their underlying structure.



unleash the power of data

By freeing itself from the constraints of traditional infrastructure, NovaTrack allows for rapid deployment and scalability for powerful real-time analysis using a very simple declarative language similar to SQL with built-in support for sequential logic. 

Cross devices data visualization is ensured through tailored dashboards in real time to help transform active data into shareable, useful, actionable visual information.

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