What we learned from the Pharma CMO Summit in Lisbon


The Pharma CMO Summit in Lisbon in June was a good opportunity to touch base with the market and exchange news on serialization readiness-among CMOs. And serialization readiness is a very concerning issue for Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) in the pharmaceutical industry: it seems that only 50% of American CMOs had started their journey to serialization by May 2017! CMOs catering for European markets still have a little bit more time but, as our partner and organizer Supply Chain Wizard pointed out during the summit’s opening remarks, by the end of 2016 not even half of them had initiated their first line project. This means there will be bottle-neck situations in the run-up to imminent deadlines.

The level of serialization-readiness among CMOs is concerning

This is the reason why Adents is expanding its global network of trusted solution partners across the globe to be able to implement serialization on our customers’ production lines as timely as possible, no matter where. Only with a reliable network of solution partners can serialization solution vendors provide sufficient capacities to serve all their clients.

How to tackle a lack of resources?

Many, especially smaller CMOs, also lack the resources to efficiently tackle the challenge of serialization. Again, an experienced solution partner can help here. He will ensure a CMO gets a serialization solution that fits its needs. He will coordinate between vendors to provide you with hardware components and an interoperable serialization software like Adents Seriza that can even work with existing equipment should you not wish to invest in new production lines. This is, for example, why Chartwell Pharmaceuticals has chosen Adents Seriza, as serialization expert Chuck Sailer pointed out in his presentation.

Serialization-ready for DSCSA!

Chartwell presentation Pharma case study

Chartwell presentation Pharma case study

Chartwell needed a system to coordinate an NJM bottling machine together with Cognex cameras and Videojet printers. And in time for the DSCSA deadline! And Adents delivered! The system was ready to be validated only 5 days after delivery to the site and Chartwell has been able to process more than a million units in the first month of productive use. Watch the video interview with Chartwell’s Head of Corporate Engineering.




Flexibility is key to ensure serialization-readiness

The biggest consensus across all presentations and during conversations we had with other participants was that flexibility is key! Flexibility can be ensured through a centrally configurable serialization solution that allows you to quickly react to changing legislation (long-term compliance) or pharma customer requirements (i.e. new markets). Being able to quickly integrate new regulations can be a huge competitive advantage for a CMO.

What next in terms of pharmaceutical serialization?

Chuck Sailer at CMO Summit

Chuck Sailer at CMO Summit

We are looking forward to upcoming events. If, in the meantime, you have any questions or would like to get a product demo, don’t hesitate to contact us.





Chuck Sailer is an architect, developer, and project leader with notable success in designing, developing, and implementing all facets of world-class, commercial software within a broad range of industries and technologies. Chuck recently joined the Adents team and will be a regular contributor to thought leadership pieces and blogs.


Serialization, aggregation, coding formats – global challenges for the Pharma industry
Serialization, aggregation, coding formats – global challenges for the Pharma industry
With more than 40 legislations in place or to come, compliance is becoming more and more challenging for pharmaceutical companies: different deadlines, different serialization-, aggregation- and coding requirements, suspended and changing directives.
Enforcement sanctions of DSCSA postponed –  opportunity to go beyond compliance
Enforcement sanctions of DSCSA postponed – opportunity to go beyond compliance
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seems to be willing to give the pharmaceutical industry an additional grace period concerning the DSCSA.