Adents Successfully Completes End-to-End Testing for Verification Request Routing (VRS) in the US Market

The Adents Team Written by The Adents Team

As part of the HDA’s VRS task force to ensure compliance with DSCSA’s requirements for the verification of saleable returns, Adents successfully completed end-to-end testing for Verification Request routing including Look-up Directory synchronization with several solution providers. Adents VRS, developed in partnership with Microsoft, is the unique solution currently tested by 4 of the top 5 largest Pharma wholesalers in the US.

Testing the Verification Router Service in Real Conditions

During this test, wholesale distributors generated product verification requests by sending to Adents VRS. Based on the internal Blockchain-based Look-up Directory, Adents VRS determined where to route the request and sent it to another solution provider, from where the response was generated and routed back via Adents VRS to the requestor. This test includes a connection with manufacturers owns serialization repository.

The significance of this achievement is proof of the VRS ecosystem interoperability, as it was envisioned by HDA VRS working group that laid out the key principles of the saleable returns verification system. This was an exciting moment during what was a major team effort and the system is now ready to be commercialized.

While it may be a little too early to declare the HDA VRS effort to be a complete success, it is safe to say that the developed business requirements, VRS ecosystem architecture and messaging standards development are on the right track.

Adents VRS, developed in partnership with Microsoft, is being tested by 4 major wholesale distributors as well as manufacturers participating in this group effort.

Adents VRS: Applied Technology for DSCSA Compliance

“What may be remarkable here, is that Adents’ Look-up Directory is blockchain based. Once again, Adents and Microsoft R&D teams successfully demonstrated that innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions do not need to come at expense of interoperability” said Pavel Lotkov, Director of Product Management.

Adents VRS is a comprehensive offering that is flexible enough to accommodate diverse market needs.

Key solution highlights are:

  • Adents VRS includes Requestor and Responder modules, and VRS routing module with embedded Look-up directory
  • Adents VRS can use Adents Prodigi as serial numbers/PI repository or connect directly to the manufacturer’s repository
  • Wholesale distributors can generate Verification Requests via Mobile app or via API call from any Warehouse Management System
  • Adents Lookup Directory is based on blockchain architecture and built on NovaTrack platform
  • Adents solution is fully compliant with HDA VRS specifications and interoperable with other VRS solutions
  • Adents VRS Solution takes into account accessibility, scalability and future business needs
The Adents Team
The Adents Team

The Adents Team: your serialization experts. With over 25 years of experience in different fields of product traceability, supply chain, big data and pharmaceutical serialization, our team members bring a wealth of knowledge to help you better understand the challenges and opportunities of serialization.


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