Adents DispaX

Discover the easiest way to manage serialized products in the supply chain with Adents DispaX

Adents DispaX is a mobile application developed for pharmaceutical warehouses, wholesalers, distributors and dispensers (i.e. pharmacies and hospitals) for improved traceability throughout the supply chain.

more precisely

Adents DispaX is a secure, user-friendly and multi-taskable solution which allows for identification of serial numbers at various stages in the supply chain by a series of users, complying with local regulations in a number of geographies around the world. 
Integrated into the Adents Prodigi application marketplace, Adents DispaX provides the serialization software for handheld scanners and mobile devices, including smartphones.

A Mobile App which allows all supply chain stakeholders to manage the picking and packaging of products, and the verification, decommissioning, and aggregation of serialized products


Adents DispaX enables users to query serial numbers, view hierarchy, drill up and down the hierarchy tree, and query by lot, delivery number, and serial number.


The application has 3 ways to search data:
– Scan a label.
– Enter a serial number or delivery number
– Enter a lot number


When the user displays an item, they are able to:
– View all the details of this item
– Navigate up to parent
– Navigate down to child or children
– See the history of shipments


Adents DispaX enables the decommissioning and reverse decommissioning of items.


Adents DispaX enables users to aggregate items together before shipping. The disaggregation removes all children from one item.

Audit Trail

All users actions are logged in the audit trail.


Compliant with all regulations




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