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First International Subsidiary: Montreal – CANADA

Montreal, Canada – Driven by increasing global demand, software publisher ADENTS today announced the opening of its first international subsidiary in Canada as part of its major expansion plan. Adents is extending its international presence to meet the growing demand of industrialists for serialization and unitary product identification solutions and to show its commitment to supporting its international customers.

The new entity, ADENTS Canada Inc., based in Montreal, will support the launch of Adents’ products in the North American market in early 2015. Adents, which has been undergoing substantial growth recently, sees the Canadian subsidiary as the first phase of its international expansion, heralding the opening of further subsidiaries in America and Europe and the recruitment of over 150 positions in the upcoming months.

With innovative software solutions which respond to rapidly evolving international standards, Adents is poised to become the leading player in this high-growth market. Mr. Christophe DEVINS, CEO of Adents said, “We are excited about locating this strategic part of our business in Montreal, a platform for the North American market and look forward to increasing our global footprint in the months ahead.”

Christopher DALE
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Adents Obtains Gateway Provider Certification from European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO)
After a series of thorough tests with the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) for connection to the European Hub, Adents is now one of only two official “Certified Gateway Providers” in the world.
Though DSCSA Law Remains Unchanged, Compliance Penalties are Delayed Until Nov. 2018. Pharma Companies will be able to Implement Far-reaching Serialization Solutions
As the U.S. pharmaceutical industry breathes a collective sigh of relief, Adents, the number one provider of versatile and easily deployable serialization and track-and-trace software solutions, is urging pharma manufacturers to take full advantage of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act’s one-year enforcement postponement.
Adents Implements Multi-Site, Multi-line Serialization & Aggregation Solution for Major European Pharma CMO
A premier, fully configurable drug serialization and aggregation software solution from Adents was successfully installed on seven packaging lines at four France sites for a top European pharmaceutical contract manufacturer. With a dozen production sites, the CMO requested short-term implementation to serialize saleable units for four markets – China, South Korea, Brazil and the U.S.